Monday, April 26, 2010

Who makes money when the Scared Monkeys revel in the death of children?

The guys running Scared Monkeys for some time are Bill Szirbik (aka "Red") and Tom Royce. While we're still learning more about Red, we see much about Tom here; also, how he and Red came to become slingers of sleaze (and make a nice profit from it too!).

Tom talks about starting up ScaredMonkeys here (scroll down some): , and you can see his ravishing good looks and more contact info here:

Got an opinion about how money is being made off of misery? Give Tom a call.

More on Bill "Red" Szirbik and other monkey scum to follow. In the meantime, isn't it nice being on a first-name basis with these, uh, people?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Who hosts

Have a problem with slanderous crap being posted on Contact their hosting service regarding a terms of service violation. More on that in a minute. is hosted on a server at IP address (details here). This server and IP address also hosts a few other sites, including . Coincidentally, we've noted that is another hate'n'slander site, which has done its own fair share of sleaze-slinging: here's a good example.

So has ScaredMonkeys -- or anyone else residing on that server -- harassed you? Let their hosting provider know. They're based in San Diego, and can be reached here:
OrgOrgTechHandle: CARIN-ARIN
OrgTechName: CariNet Networking
OrgTechPhone: +1-858-974-5080

AbusePhone: +1-858-974-5080

Of course, you can always register your complaint with Debbie Klaasen ("Klaasend"), but we've found it unlikely that she'll pull the plug on the server.

More on ScaredMonkeys, related sites, and who profits from the misery they peddle... coming soon.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Example of the ScaredMonkeys in action

Here's an example of how the Scared Monkeys not only slander people but attempt to drive traffic to their website. They've taken personal information about someone who's the stepfather of a 30-year-old criminal and tried to destroy his business by saying that the criminal lived at his residence (he didn't).

Of course, they've done this anonymously behind a screen name, and linked to their site.

Debbie Klaasen (Klaasend), is this your work? Or the work of Red? (Post on "Red" coming up soon, as well as the names of those who profit from ScaredMonkeys)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Klaasend : Debbie Klaasen

Wonder who's behind all the nasty postings? You've probably asked the question "Who is Klaasend?"

We've confirmed that Debbie (Deborah) Klaasen is the nasty, judgmental, and notorious "Klaasend," who "moderates" the forums on . Debbie lives in San Clemente, CA.

Any post that appears on any of the forums is endorsed by Debbie, the self-proclaimed "Tyrannical Ruler." Got a problem with a posting? You'll want to let Debbie know of your concerns.

Need more information on Debbie and her household? Let your fingers do the walking! Here she is:

So much for anonymous judgment, eh, Debbie?

Harassed and Slandered on a ScaredMonkeys Forum?

For years, people hiding behind screen names and keyboards have harassed innocent people by posting their private information on the forums at

Today the anonymous destruction of lives ends.

We've found that people behave in a much more civil manner when their mask of anonymity has been removed. Hence, this project.

Think you know more than we do? Feel free to respond to any of the blog postings you see here. Any additional information helps.

The Head Monkey Unmasker