Monday, April 26, 2010

Who makes money when the Scared Monkeys revel in the death of children?

The guys running Scared Monkeys for some time are Bill Szirbik (aka "Red") and Tom Royce. While we're still learning more about Red, we see much about Tom here; also, how he and Red came to become slingers of sleaze (and make a nice profit from it too!).

Tom talks about starting up ScaredMonkeys here (scroll down some): , and you can see his ravishing good looks and more contact info here:

Got an opinion about how money is being made off of misery? Give Tom a call.

More on Bill "Red" Szirbik and other monkey scum to follow. In the meantime, isn't it nice being on a first-name basis with these, uh, people?


  1. It's wonderful to be on a first name basis with these people. THANK YOU.

  2. You're more than welcome. And any information you can share here is welcome as well.

  3. Any more updates? Do you have any idea how much they make from their ads? I did not think they made a lot of money because they don't have very many members or visitors. It will be interesting if you can figure out how much money they make. I will be surprised if it is a lot. If anything these guys want to make everyone think they are making money so it will look like they are more successful than they really are. Looking forward to another update.

  4. Introducing Six Figure Blogging
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    We implemented a couple of the things you talked about and we paid for the course while the course was still going along!

    Tom and Red,

  5. I looked Red up on White Pages, and it shows someone with his name is married to a woman who I found on Facebook, if it's the same one. This seems like a totally lovely person! She's an animal activist and has a degree in something new-age-y. If she's married to Red, God help her. I wonder if she knows what he writes online.

    Really hope this is not the same guy or that they are divorced. She seems like a nice lady. There is an elderly guy by that name who calls himself an "independent military professional" on LinkedIn. At least I think he's older. What is an independent military professional? That sounds more like "Red" to me. But the guy in the Carlos and Charlie's picture doing the shot looks younger, like maybe in his mid to late 50s.