Monday, April 12, 2010

Example of the ScaredMonkeys in action

Here's an example of how the Scared Monkeys not only slander people but attempt to drive traffic to their website. They've taken personal information about someone who's the stepfather of a 30-year-old criminal and tried to destroy his business by saying that the criminal lived at his residence (he didn't).

Of course, they've done this anonymously behind a screen name, and linked to their site.

Debbie Klaasen (Klaasend), is this your work? Or the work of Red? (Post on "Red" coming up soon, as well as the names of those who profit from ScaredMonkeys)


  1. Heh, Red, doing shots at Carlos and Charlies in Aruba when he's supposed to be looking for dead girls at Carlos and Charlies in Aruba. Tard.

  2. Yes, I just posted a comment on another one of your posts. I suspect, but can't prove yet, that they are making a lot of money from their website while communicating to the public that they are doing this out of the goodness of their hearts. If so, what a sad way to make a living.

  3. The is great information, by the way. The public needs to know.

  4. Regarding "Red" doing shots at Carlos and Charlies: is this how the ScaredMonkeys use their donations -- for vacations to Aruba?

  5. Regarding:
    >> I suspect, but can't prove yet, that they are making a lot of money from their website ... If so, what a sad way to make a living.<<

    Agreed. All those pop-up ads and shameless promotion around the Internet (e.g., the Yelp link) have got to yield big cash for somebody. Profiting off the deaths of children? Can anything be more sad?

  6. Red posted pictures of the TES search for Caylee near the airpot in Orlando. He posted them at SM. He called it the trifecta. Guess what. Red wasn't there for the Caylee search and his pictures of the shovel and dumpster weren't part of the TES search for Caylee. Red didn't tell the truth. Shame on you Red.

  7. Twas the Night Before Christmas and not a Creature was Stirring Except Blink the Rat…
    Dec 24th, 2009 by Richard Hornsby.
    And the plot thickens….

    LinkedIn Profile of Shannon Stoy
    Orlando Sentinel: Florida Bar: Casey Anthony attorney Jose Baez did not violate bar rules
    So Blink may really be Shannon Stoy who creates her own storyline to further her own financial interests, which is none other than her own Public Relations and Communications company.

    She is basically a modern day P.T. Barnum “who was remembered for promoting celebrated hoaxes.”

    Well at least now we know why she outed Todd Black – he was a direct competitor to her and she was probably jealous he had inserted himself directly into her dream case.

    It would really be interesting to know what her financial arrangement is with Internet News Network, LLC the owner of (psyche – no PR Google backlinks for that site).

    But back to Internet News Network and the entity who so gratuitously set up Blink’s solo site after apparently luring her away from

    Scared Monkeys Welcomes Blink34 & True Crime Blog … Blink on Crime to Family
    So basically, Ms. Stoy is just another Merchant in Misery who profits off of other people’s misfortune; a real life Crime Profiteer if you will.

    But to profit, she must create stories where there are none; so as to hype her site, which I assume Internet News Network pays her to maintain. I mean, it costs me a total of $100 a year to maintain both my sites ad free (my hosting company is Arvixe – a really great web hosting company by the way).

    So this explains the obnoxious advertisements everywhere on all those affiliated sites and the stat checkers at the bottom of all their hideously designed sites. (I mean crikey, haven’t you mentally challenged people over at Internet News Network heard of Google Analytics?)

    So basically, ScaredMonkeys, Blink, and Co. are nothing more than ad based Merchants in Misery. The more visitors they draw the more ad revenue they get I presume. And Blink with her over-hyped and sensational stories must have been the main reason Internet News Network lured her over to ScaredMonkeys from WebSleuths in the first place – to drum up business. (WebSleuths is a much better forum, more well intentioned, and much better off without her I must say.)

    UPDATE: I was informed by credible sources that Blink actually got the Boot from WebSleuths because of her sensational and inflammatory postings. Blink, Blink, got flushed down the sink… LOL!

    But I must go now, and dig up some more dirt; and I will have more…

    For now though, this post will just be a work in progress where I will think out loud about Blink, very loud.

    I’m coming Ms. Stoy, I am coming…

    But first Baez…

  8. If her facebook pic is her,I'd def hit the hell out of it..

  9. AnonymousMay 20, 2012 10:59 PM: If you are think you found the right FB page on the west coast you are wrong. Your party is on the east coast and uses a FB aka name similar to a maple syrup.

  10. Anja Mima is Shannon Stoy's (Blink-on-Crime) FB name. How's interesting that her teenager daughter goes to high school in western Pennsylvania -Whitehall, PA. That is where the girl's DAD lives , NOT Blink! Sounds like she does not even have custody of her own little girl! Wow...advocate for kids, but can't keep her own!? why else would she live more than 5 hours away from her mother?...

  11. Haha! Love to see the court records for how old Lew (husband numero uno) got custody of that particular blinkette. Is that the one she refuses to pay child support on? Seems one of the exes is suing her for it and she's fighting it.

  12. I went to school with Shannon Stoy, owner of She was suspended 7 or 8 times her Junior year for drug possession. I would see her at parties after football games. Shannon C. Stoy was a crank and coke head and would do anything for a line. She actually had sex with a golden retriever for a line of coke in the laundry room of this guy Rich's place.

    My neighbor drives truck and he told me she is a lot lizard who does tricks for $10.00 a pop one after the other. She apparently squats down over mud puddles and washes up that why between Johns.

    Shannon C. Stoy is the stupidest skank to ever walk the streets of New Jersey.