Monday, April 5, 2010

Klaasend : Debbie Klaasen

Wonder who's behind all the nasty postings? You've probably asked the question "Who is Klaasend?"

We've confirmed that Debbie (Deborah) Klaasen is the nasty, judgmental, and notorious "Klaasend," who "moderates" the forums on . Debbie lives in San Clemente, CA.

Any post that appears on any of the forums is endorsed by Debbie, the self-proclaimed "Tyrannical Ruler." Got a problem with a posting? You'll want to let Debbie know of your concerns.

Need more information on Debbie and her household? Let your fingers do the walking! Here she is:

So much for anonymous judgment, eh, Debbie?



    Yeah, Debbie is appreciated just as much in Aruba as she is in the USofA...

  2. Hey Debbie, PT Cruisers are pieces of shit. Enjoy your lemon.

  3. Red is a nasty person. Does anyone know his real name?

  4. Dromgoul -- we think we know Red's real name and will post info about him soon here. Agreed, he's a nasty one.

  5. Deborah P. Sharpe
    Deborah P. Morgante
    Deborah P. Turner
    Deborah P. Klaasen

    Her son lives in Colorado

  6. This is a very enlightening blog. Thanks for creating this.
    One thing that really bothers me about scaredmonkeys forum is the obnoxious, in your face kind of banning that klaasend seems to enjoy doing. I had an account on scaredmonkeys forum until recently. I didn't like the communication that was going on there so I attempted to close my account. The next day, I checked back to scaredmonkeys and the message I got on the screen was
    "Sorry Guest, you are banned from using this forum!
    You can't remove your account but I can make you unable to post."
    It seems so hostile to me. Why don't they just allow someone to close their account instead? It seems to me that this is inviting hatred to their website.
    FWIW, I did not do or say anything offensive or break any of their forum rules. I am banned, at least on one computer from accessing their forum. Not that I care to, but it's pretty easy to get around that.

  7. Scared Monkey's has become a tabloid like rag. I stopped reading there altogether after I saw Klaasend her sycophants mistreat so many people.

    I was fooled into thinking this was a place to go for information. Boy, was I wrong. It's just a place for angry old gossipers to spend their time spewing nonsense. I would rather use google for my information, as Scared Monkeys isn't where I would want to spend a minute of my day.

  8. Scared Monkeys has gone to the dogs.
    Most of the good posters are gone. The place is a joke.

  9. Somehow I just came across this site while doing some research for work and will add my 2 cents. I am shocked so many are unaware of it or it would be loaded with honest, negative comments about Scared Monkeys.

    I became a member (and believe I stil am) when Natalee Hollaway went missing. SM seemed like a good place for information and to discuss the case. However, many quickly realized the attitude of Klaasend and chose not to return.

    It's unfortunate that so many have been driven away by the glib and hostile attitude by Klaasend and her hateful mods.

    IMHO, Scared Monkeys has done more damage to innocent people and hurt the alleged "cause" of missing and exploited people.

    I am left to wonder if these families realize what a bad taste is left in the mouths of people sincerely concerned about them. While I pray for justice and answers for these families, I will never go to a place like SM for information or rather misinformation again. If I were a family of a missing or murderded child, I would fight to get this site shut down before someone I loved got exploited on such a place as SM.

    P.S. I agree with the above post about it being nothing more than a tabloid or even just a social site for bored, unhappy people deluding themsleves into thinking they are in someway helping a cause. In fact, it's just a diversion from focusing on their own problems or issues. Bottom line, you wont find anyone with any real insight, purpose or value on this site. All you will find is people who spend their lives behind a computer to avoid living it. Not the way I want to go through mine. JMHO

  10. Red is asking for donations to help him with his legal problems. Don't think he should .... what say you?

  11. Red is asking for donations to help with his legal problems. Surely SM makes enough to help him. What say you?

  12. Wow, just ran across this blog. How true! I know Red and his wife lived in Maine, not sure they still do. After reading about Red's activities in Aruba, while checking the Natalee Holloway case, I knew he was scum. Scared Monkeys is an exclusive (like High School) clique of stepford wife type individuals. If you don't drink the koolaid and think/talk the way they want you to talk, you are booted and banned. I haven't seen any real investigation, or real results come from SM. The shame was when Tom stepped down and Red took over. It was all downhill from there.

  13. For the person who asked, Red is Bill Szirbik (according to another article on this blog). He and Tom Royce are the co-founders of Scared Monkeys.

  14. As far as the poster that said it's tabloid, I disagree. I'm a poster on SM and I fight for the truth and work VERY hard on finding the missing.

    There are MANY posters that are there to help and their sincerity is overwhelming. You can't judge EVERYONE that post' on SM. There are some very sincere people on the site that just trying to find justice and working daily to find it.

    Lumping everyone in the pool at SM is a disgrace.

  15. When I search my name, MissingExploited comes to the top of the Google search results. What do you think is the best way to ask that they remove the article? Is there an email contact? Would they be hostile and make it worse for me? Why does this site bubble to the top of the search results when I have many other mentions on the internet?

  16. there is an incorrect post about our daughter on the "" website; how can we contact or get to somebody to take care of it;
    our daughter is constantly "bully" at schoot about that post and she is feeling very bad,
    please help, contact us to ""

  17. This Debbie posted my mothers facebook url on her site and now she is getting death threats. We asked her to take it down and she told us to fuck off. Thanks Debs. You're a stand up citizen.

  18. Yikes:

  19. Debbie Klaasen from San Clemente and her band of incompetent,lying and bitter old women ruined this site and did a ton of damage to the people that are missing and their familys. Not to mention all the hard working people who researched missing person cases and were lied about and slandered