Monday, April 19, 2010

Who hosts

Have a problem with slanderous crap being posted on Contact their hosting service regarding a terms of service violation. More on that in a minute. is hosted on a server at IP address (details here). This server and IP address also hosts a few other sites, including . Coincidentally, we've noted that is another hate'n'slander site, which has done its own fair share of sleaze-slinging: here's a good example.

So has ScaredMonkeys -- or anyone else residing on that server -- harassed you? Let their hosting provider know. They're based in San Diego, and can be reached here:
OrgOrgTechHandle: CARIN-ARIN
OrgTechName: CariNet Networking
OrgTechPhone: +1-858-974-5080

AbusePhone: +1-858-974-5080

Of course, you can always register your complaint with Debbie Klaasen ("Klaasend"), but we've found it unlikely that she'll pull the plug on the server.

More on ScaredMonkeys, related sites, and who profits from the misery they peddle... coming soon.


  1. BTW; GW I need to contact you, please send me an email so I can reply, my address is on my blog

  2. Some of the stuff on Scared Monkeys is shocking. Mostly whats shocking is that the members post over and over about nothing but facts already released by the police! Its like they're trying to relive the tragedy and get a thrill out of it. But they always say, poor, poor Caylee. What an angel. We're fighting for you, Caylee, etc. Caylee is dead. So all they're doing is having fun with the gruesome details. They need to get lives.

  3. Internet News Network is Red and the owner of Scared Monkeys.

    Welcome to Internet News Network and Community

    Posted by I. Valdes on Tuesday April 12, @02:58PM
    from the internet news network and community dept.
    This is a friendly news network devoted to specific subject news as well as community building and discussion. The websites listed are more concentrated than e-mail lists yet provide the ability to discuss as well. Share your news, stories and tips. Contributors and editors wanted!