Monday, April 5, 2010

Harassed and Slandered on a ScaredMonkeys Forum?

For years, people hiding behind screen names and keyboards have harassed innocent people by posting their private information on the forums at

Today the anonymous destruction of lives ends.

We've found that people behave in a much more civil manner when their mask of anonymity has been removed. Hence, this project.

Think you know more than we do? Feel free to respond to any of the blog postings you see here. Any additional information helps.

The Head Monkey Unmasker


  1. Tom Royce and "Red" started SM in 2005. Tom and Red were/are high school buddies. From what I can find so far, Red is never mentioned by any other name than Red. So, I'm not sure where the post from the refugee site came from or if that is Red's real name. HOWEVER, Tom does mention that he and red escaped from Connecticut and the searches I found do show that Red/Bill originated, hailed or at one time lived in Connecticut.

    If you look at the links below you will find a history of SM and can see what the intent was when they started. They got "famous" I believe with Natalee Halloway case (I think that's what I remember from reading last night).

    The problem, as you know, with their site is they are not interested in true sluething. They add commentary, conjecture, opinion and plain old lies to their posts. This makes the site sensational and makes the members/players feel good about themselves. I believe that they really believe they are doing "good" with what they are doing and digging up. Not.

    I do not know for certain if Tom is still involved with SM...This is Tom's phone number....address in georgia

    110 Whitfield Run
    Peachtree City GA 30269 US
    Thomas Royce
    (770) 631 4149!/tomroyce?ref=search&sid=1469647316.1732228837..1

    This may be the school that Tom and Red attended...!/Kent.School?ref=sgm

    Debbie Klaasen (aka Deborah P Klaasen or Deborah S Klaasen, presumably because before latest marriage her last name was Sharpe)
    913 Avenida Presidio
    San Clemente, CA 92672
    (949) 366-9202 or (949) 366-5814
    Deborah Klaasen was formerly known as Sharpe prior to marriage. Graduated in 1968 from Corona Del Mar high school (OC).
    Attends Laguna Presbyterian Church.

    Debbie has two stepsons - Ryan & Blair. Blair's Facebook page lists him as Cincinatti Blair....
    Debbie Klaasen, of San Clemente was among the early adopters. She joined the national PT Cruiser Club in January, placed her order with an Irvine dealer Feb. 8 and took delivery April 20, trading in a Toyota RAV4 compact sport-utility vehicle.
    "The PT Cruiser is 10 times nicer and more fun to drive than the RAV4," she says. "I hadn't considered any other car. I wasn't in need of a new vehicle; I was in want of a PT Cruiser."

  2. Hi, I'm writing an article on large websites that run ads all around the text, like Scared Monkeys, that purport to help missing and murdered children. (How one helps a murdered child, I'm not sure.) Scared Monkeys is one of these sites. It appears they get thousands of hits a month, at least, and the owner, "Red," claims no one is getting paid. He refuses to answer where the ad revenue is going, however. (If it's going to a missing kids foundation, why not just say it?)

    I have already read a lot about similar sites that are nonprofit, and they don't take an awful lot of money to run, so where is the profit going? From what I have been told, Scared Monkeys site admins claim to work for free, and they use a free software for their forum. There are other large "child-finder" sites out there that also run ads, and I'm including them in this article, too, as well as the nonprofit ones.

    Does anyone know anything about the "money" side of what seems to be the "missing child" industry? We know that the Nancy Grace Show both informs viewers and makes tons of money from missing and exploited kids. But they're pretty upfront about it.

  3. Regarding:
    >> Hi, I'm writing an article on large websites that run ads all around the text, like Scared Monkeys, that purport to help missing and murdered children. <<
    >>There are other large "child-finder" sites out there that also run ads<<

    "'Missing child' industry"? Yuck. Anyway, see and , which all reside on the same server ( ), meaning the same people are profiting from ad revenue.

    We're interested to see your article. Please let us know when it will be published or if you have questions or information to share.

  4. Two people I've interviewed told me that Scared Monkeys somehow merged with Blink on Crime, but I didn't know about Blink on Crime does not have a good reputation, by the way. I think theirs might be worse than Scared Monkeys. They are seen as bottom-feeders.

    Am shopping the article around, as I am a freelance writer, and have two rather large "bites" from magazines. I'll let you know where and when it will be published.

    Oh, do you know if it can be verified that it is indeed "Red" in the photo doing shots in Aruba while he's supposed to be "looking for Natalee Holloway"? And does anyone know who took it? I'm trying to ascertain photo rights on it. Thanks.

  5. Re your 4/21 posting: all indications point to that being "Red" doing shots of tequila while "investigating" on behalf of ScaredMonkeys. It was taken by "ArubaGirl" of the forum. You may still be able to find her there. Good luck, and please share what you find.

  6. 100% positive that is the RED, owner of Scared Monkey's, doing shots in Aruba in July 2005.

  7. it is RED doing shots in Aruba on C & C Stage, and I have the pic..!!

    you have the wrong Klass,this is Donna ,not our Debbie of SM fame.
    Bunch O" nasty people at SM.

  8. Thank you for this blog. There's more about these three that isn't even posted here. BTW Debbie Klaasend has had three Las Vegas weddings. She is so charming.

  9. I think the owner of this site should first post their own personal information i.e. Name, Address, Phone Number, Picture, etc.

    After's only fair.

  10. I would like to find out if Debbie or any of the SM moderators live in or near Redwood City, California. My Facebook account was hacked by someone in Redwood City, right after I was booted from using the SM forum and I'm very curious to know if this is more than a coincidence.
    BTW, the reason I was banned from the forum is because I said that I wanted to delete my account there. I didn't like what was going on and I had had enough. I hadn't said anything remotely rude or offensive or break any of their rules. So the next day after I posted that I was done at SM, I tried to access my account to see if I could delete my info. But instead, I got the following message: "An Error Has Occurred!
    Sorry Guest, you are banned from using this forum!
    You can't remove your account but I can make you unable to post."
    To me, this seemed entirely too hostile and unnecessary. Now, I am concerned about what might be said about me or if Debbie Klaasend might have decided to try to delve into my private life. I really regret having anything to do with that site. I only went there originally because I was interested in finding out about the Kyron Horman disappearance. I have nothing in my private life to hide, but if someone is snooping around my private stuff, it is not okay, and I would love to press charges against anyone who might have hacked into my personal business.
    If anyone has any info that would help me find out whether Debbie or her associates might live in or around Redwood City, I would really appreciate the info!

  11. Lets get this blog going. People like Klaasend and her moderators need to be stopped or at least get a taste of their own medicine. I am sure they all have a closet full of skeletons.

    I am sure if this link was posted at Blogs for Natalee, Refugees Unleashed and Gold Monkeys, the information would come pouring in.

    Klaasend has more enemies than friends, which speaks volumes about an Admin of a missing child's site.

  12. hahahahaha they are so desperate for posters they reinstated Fanny Mae after banning her a year ago for a drunken hissy fit post. And Klaas reinstated a scum poster who told her to kiss his ass. Every post of his is sexually oriented. And now Klass is in the idiot thread, (if you don't know JSM she is the idiot who Klaas gave her own thread to because she was so disruptive in missing/murdered persons threads. An idiot, whiny dolt, who didn't care one iota about the missing/murdered, but was simply looking for a social network and couldn't figure out how to make a myspace account)Klaas is playing nicey nice with the pervert who married the idiot. But he lives in Chicago and she lives near Dallas. Yes sir, lots of real smart people on the scared monkey site.

  13. This is so great. These people are cruel and disgusting, thank you.

  14. I so look forward to the day when Shannon Stoy/Blink is arrested, or at least sued for slander. She has spent two years trying to ruin lives in and around the town of Charlottesville, from private citizens to local law enforcement, to the Virginia State Police, everyone at UVa, and even our county prosecutor. She will say absolutely anything, and her followers (all with the ignorant scaredmonkeys mentality) chime right in and take her slander even farther.

    She has done the Harrington family a great disservice, and they are too lost at this point to realize it.

  15. I joined because I'm interested in a case and my old forum closed down. I was warned to steer away from Scared Monkeys but didn't listen. Most of the people there are lonely bullies (with the exception of a few) who say they are interested in missing children but are just 5th graders in adult bodies who have no other life than to think they have "friends" on there. Grow up people, with your monkey nanners (bananas) and kissing Klass' butt. I read there but after this case is over, I'm so out of there. But not quietly, I'm going out with a bang. I'm sure it will be deleted and I'll be banned promptly but I'm going to say what most people feel, especially to teacher's pet MuffyBee, the chief Mother Superior. She's despicable, just leaping to correct people in her red type. I'm sure she was the one in grade school always telling the teacher who was talking. I'll let you know as soon as I quit.

  16. As far as Shannon, she's a piece of shit. She outcast' posters and ridicules anyone that doesn't believe in her theories.

    She publicly insults people on her blog. Yes I said Blog. She's a wanna be. She wants to be be a high profile reporter and, bottom line, she sucks at it because she is bias.

    I think she should retire.

  17. Blink is a piece of work. She is a loser in real life and pretends she has inside resources and currently is trying to ruin the life of a man from Tucson -for no good reason! She peddles herself as an investigative journalist. Completely laughable. Her headquarters is her effing house in NJ -and her extensive "staff" is probably consisting of a dog or cat -maybe even a pet gerbil!


    Shannon Christina Nidlund Walker Moser Stoy's reputation is catching up with her.

  19. Sites such as BOC hinder investigations because people who think they may have a piece of the puzzle (& very well may) are reluctant to come forward for fear their names will be leaked and appear on sites such as BOC, where the modus operandi is to drag people's names through the mud.


  21. Shannon Christina Nidlund Walker Moser Stoy obviously thinks she is quite the clever and cute one. She's not and all she has proved ever is that something was seriously wrong and dyfunctional with her upbringing which no doubt the same flaw will be passed on to any offspring she has produced.

  22. They have allowed anonymous people to post lies, slanderous statements, and post copyright photos. I'm hiring a lawyer. I have lost jobs because of the lies that were posted about me.

    1. Most people have a hard time pursuing libel suits because damages are difficult to prove. It's why site like BOC are not sued into the ground.

      If you can prove that you have incurred damages (monetary) due to things posted about you by Scared Monkeys or BOC, you should contact a lawyer. There is a statute of limitations, so time is important. If they have actually posted libelous things about you that have cost you money that you can prove, you have a good case.


      Online defamation specialists

  23. The BOC blog is repulsive. If I were a family member of a murder victim I would do everything within legal power to put a halt to her blogging about my murder/missing family member. Her site ends up turning a horrific thing into a joke and makes it very easy to lose sympathy for the families.

  24. She is a joke all over the Internet yet she keeps posting as if her "opinions" are based on reality.